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Mission Statement

Members of Grace Lutheran Church, people chosen by God,...

...present Christ to people in everything we say and do,

...proclaim in word and deed what God has done
       in Jesus Christ for our salvation, and

...invite others to also take hold of Him
       by the power of God’s Spirit and love.

We believe... the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
      God is the ultimate source of all life.
      Jesus, as true God and true Man, lived died, and rose again to redeem us from our sin and to give us new life.
      The Holy Spirit creates faith in us, sustains it in us,and grants us the strength to live the Christian life.

...that the Bible is God’s inspired Word to man and as such is the final authority for faith and life;

...that, together with Scripture, God has given us the Sacraments - Baptism and the Lord’s Supper - as means of       sustaining our fellowship with God and receiving the forgiveness of our sins;

...that the heart of religion is a personal relationship between man and God.

This relationship is not achieved by man, but is God’s gift. This relationship is maintained and cultivated through the experience of worship, which includes a continuous use of the Word, the Sacraments,
and prayer. The fellowship of forgiven sinners coming together to worship God is the very heart of the Church’s life.

...that life with God is eternal, and that the ultimate victory for time and eternity lies with the follower of Christ.

We belong to the Southeastern District of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.